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What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is the Indian lottery based game which was initially started in the streets of Mumbai earlier known as Bombay.

This lottery system has gained lot of popularity lately, people all over India has become familiar with the term Satta Matka.

Similar systems has been started in other states of India, talking about Meghalya, There is a play popularly called as Shillong Teer it works the same way as the Satta Matka do.

Matka Tips Today

There is no hard and fast rule in being successful in Matka, so here are few tips which are going to help you in long run.

Tip number 1: Satta Matka is not a rich quick scheme, so you should must be aware of the risks in participating this play.

If you do not know Satta Matka is illegal, it is not officially permitted by the Government.

Local bodies have made several attempts to stop this gambling but people always make a way to participate in it.

So, it is highly advised to get familiar with the rules set by the Government.

You can suffer through some serious charges if spotted.

Tip number 2: Several stories has showed that many people have lost it all and only some has made a good fortune with Satta Matka.

People often get addicted to this illegal gamble and they end up loosing everything they have.

It has been believed that the Satta Matka numbers get leaked so only those people win it all who got their hands first on the leaked numbers.

Tip number 3: Do not participate in it, we would never recommend you to get into such risky play where you can lose it all.

We have read several case studies where people shared their real life experience of how they loosed it all.

Matka Baba Open

This query Matka Baba Open is very popular in all over the world.

People who are aware of this query are often looking for some kind of Guru which they believe will leak the numbers for them.

But that case is not true, the whole game is biased.

This game is popular since year ages and people have created lot of imaginary avatars in this gambling game.


This query is very popular among the people who play Satta Matka everyday, I am not personally familiar what exactly does this mean but one thing I am sure about it that its related to the game only.

I think people have gave Satta Matka an other name Satta Mataka143 because 143 stands for I love you.

So, may be this name is given by all those people who Love Satka Matka.

Kalyan Panel Chart

This is kind of a hub, Kalyan provides number and results everyday, so people make a bet on the given number and if there lucky number arrives they will win the gamble.

Kalyan Panel Chart number gets updated everyday, they are very frequent in providing the real time stats so that the players do not feel disappointed of being betrayed.

Mumbai Chart

This also looks like a hub, they work the same way as Kalyan do.

Mumbai Chart gets updated frequently, they update the numbers everyday.

Mumbai Satta Matka is very popular, because this is where the Satta Marka was started.

Matka Gambling

The other name of Satta Matka is Matka Gambling people who face troubles in pronouncing Satta Matka they are often observed calling the game as matka gambling.

Matka Gambling is consist of lucky numbers, so if someone numbers pop out he is going to take all the table cash.

Satta Weekly Jodi

Satta Weekly Jodi is the part of the game where a pair of numbers are updated every week.

This is kind of a bonus, also known as SOHNE PE SUHAGA so if someone has got the lucky number, he will get that jodi bonus with it.

He will receive the double of the amount, but again its all about luck.

Satta Batta King

This term is made for people who always win the Satta Matka.

There are a handful of people who have made a good fortune with the help of Satta Matka existence, those people are considered as the king of Satta Matka.

The term Satta Batta is especially designed for people who consider themselves as the master player of Satta Matka.

Satta Batta Tricks

It has been believed by many people that Satta Matka is consist of many tricks and people who are aware of those tricks are the one who always win.

But, this is a controversial part.

The big satta matka players are often observed neglecting this fact.

So, it is hard to say whether there are any tricks in it or not.

Satta Batta Weekly Chart

Satta matka numbers are updated everyday but there is a special hub Satta Batta which only updates weekly.

The entire chart is updated on a specific day of the week.

Satta Batta numbers are not so easy to guess, they are way to hard to imagine.

Beyond guesses.

Satta Jackpot

There is a term known as Satta Jackpot this term is used when some unexpected numbers arrive.

the one who own such numbers will feel lucky and the experts will call that situation as a Jackpot.

So, that’s all.

We have tried our level best to provide you an extensive guide on Satta Matka so that you can understand what exactly is it.

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